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Business Solutions Overview

All four OPTIMO Business Software Solutions are fully integrated into a single platform. Tailoring one or more of the individual Business Solutions to your current requirement is as simple as switching on and off modules and apps.

OPTIMO develops and grows with you, giving you the ability to switch on additional modules, apps and complete Business Solutions as and when required.

OPTIMO is modern software with open architecture and APIs enabling connectivity with essential specialist systems like ERP systems, specialist CRM solutions, incumbent access control systems.

OPTIMO is optimised to be device friendly.

With OPTIMO there is no need for separate software solutions, no need for double entry and no need for manually amalgamating reports.

Work in real time, eliminate errors, get economies of scale and gain complete control of your business with OPTIMO.

The key benefits of OPTIMO Ticketing Business Solution include:

  • Manages the setup and sales of reserved seating and roving tickets.
  • Includes options to send out pre-printed tickets, tickets generated in OPTIMO, e-tickets or mobile device tickets.
  • Chameleon website sales interface.
  • Wireless pop up Box Office and queue busting.
  • Adds free or paid offers to tickets to be redeemed inside the venue.
  • Gift and redeemable voucher offered through the call centre or on the web.
  • Tracks attendance, provides real time insight into attendance, upsell and revenue.
  • Helps prevent fraudulent activity in the Ticket and Box office and at entry points.
  • Generates tickets, suite or box entry badges and car park passes directly from the software.
  • Includes an option to re-print and manage duplications of tickets, badges or car park passes as replacements for misplaced or stolen items.
  • Prints dispatch notes, ensuring tickets and packages are tracked, preventing duplication and errors.
  • Integrates with couriers for shipping the delivery.
  • Manages tickets and entry for court and pitch hire.

The key benefits of OPTIMO Corporate Hospitality Business Solution include:

  • Sells packages, bespoke packages, day-delegate packages and upsells extras.
  • Calculates gross profit in real time and manages product and resource allocations.
  • Creates table plans and allows tables and guests to be moved utilising drag and drop facilities.
  • Manages private venue hires.
  • Manages assets such as rooms, restaurants, laptops and projectors etc.
  • Manages menus and captures customer requests such as dietary requirements, allergies and other special needs.
  • Provides the caterers with information regarding booking numbers, special menus, allergies, etc. thus reducing waste, increasing customer satisfaction and cutting back on cost.
  • Manages room and floor plans with a graphical interface.

The key benefits of OPTIMO Venue & Space Management Business Solution include:

  • Provides revenue opportunities on non-event days.
  • Maximises resource utilisation and sales opportunities through an interactive calendar.
  • Graphical interface for room and facility set up.
  • Manages tariffs, resources, allocations and sales giving time, date and seasonal price flexibility.
  • Manages the allocation of resources such as laptops, projectors and other rental items.
  • Prevents double booking and other errors.
  • Links with other OPTIMO Business Solutions to provide one tailored integrated solution.
  • Registers and tracks availability of day delegate guests and scans attendance at the event.
  • Provides real time visibility of gross profit, revenue, expenses and booking status.

The key benefits of OPTIMO Leisure & Activity Business Solution include:

  • Sells and manages all types of participation activities and events.
  • Chameleon website sales interface.
  • Gift and redeemable voucher offered through the call centre or on the web.
  • Provides real time gross profit and revenue values.
  • Is scalable and can be utilised to monitor any type of venue efficiently to maximise utilisation of facilities and bookings.
  • Manages circuit hire, motor racing, driving and drifting experiences.
  • Efficiently manages the booking and allocation for driving schools.
  • Manages courts and pitch hire and ensures that timetabled bookings are accurate, preventing double booking and empty slots.
  • Provides information on performances that enables strategic decision making.
  • Reconciles on-day revenues.

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