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OPTIMO Event Management software solutions are scalable solutions designed for all types of spectator, business and participation events.

Spectator events range in size and complexity they can be global like the Olympics, annual like the British Grand Prix, seasonal like football, one off like a concert or smaller like a local festival.

Most spectator events are akin to shows and designed to entertain the public and as such need careful planning, scheduling, promoting, selling and precise delivery.

The OPTIMO Event Management software solution is designed for all sizes and types of events taking place in both permanent and/or temporary locations. The OPTIMO solution enables all aspects of the event to be designed, set up, tickets and packages created, marketed, sold, invoiced and delivered.

Some events are designed to give an opportunity to participate in the activity. Examples of such events are track days, gifting experiences, experiences involving courts and pitches, team building etc.

The OPTIMO packaged solution for Participation Events fundamentally enables participants to be coordinated in time slots with relevant equipment and locations. In addition, the activities can be packaged, promoted, invitations sent, accepted, redeemed and registration to occur.

Business events support brands, assist with product awareness, reveal new products and help build customer relationships.

Business events need to be planned, organised, promoted and delivered. They vary from product launches through exhibitions and conferences to dinners.

The OPTIMO Event Management packaged solution for Business Events draws on the relevant modules from three OPTIMO business solutions:

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